Swing Tips

Golfers are always looking for a new tips and techniques to help them improve certain aspects of their game. Sometimes the professionals at the club or the driving range don’t seem to improve your game or target the areas you think you need help with. In this case, be sure to find yourself and other professional that can provide you with better advice and target the areas you need help with.

The following few tips might help you improve your game by focusing on various aspects while you swing. It’s important to repeat each of the tips provided to ensure they work for you. Basically, don’t try some of these tips only once an decide they don’t work, but instead use and develop them into your own method. No two golfers are alike, which is why tips are there for personal development and gain.

Swing2Lower your hands

This refers two the finish position of your swing. Instead of having your arms over your head and shoulders after your swing, try to bring them to a stop to in front of you level with your shoulders. Surprisingly, this gives you more control on where the ball makes contact with your club as you are not twisting your body quite as much. Try this technique at least a few times and you will soon see your body automatically adjusts and make sure entire stroke much easier.

Get your backswing on point

This could be a difficult one to explain, but you might get the idea. On your backswing, it’s important that you are properly lined up before returning for the follow through. Right at the peak of your backswing, you would want your outer forearm to be parallel with your spine. Your arms will be slightly bent, which forms a triangular shape between them when looking from the front. This gives you a clear view of the ball and perfectly set you up for a smooth and easy stroke. This method will definitely increase your accuracy to ensure you hit the ball dead centre and it does in the direction you desire.

Producer power with your body

Using your body is key to get the ball air born and going in the right direction. With a powerful swing using just your arms, you will find many of the strokes are just not where you want him to be. This is because your arms are free to move back and forth, which miss aligns the club completely.

However, when using your entire body and keeping your arms straight, you will find much greater accuracy is delivered. Your arms are forced to remain in the same position by your shoulders and the movement of the rest of your body.

Stand right

Getting your feet position correctly will make a massive difference to the result of every stroke. Many professionals have stated that you can be an expert at every part of a stroke, but if you stand wrong, you will never get the ball in the same direction in a consecutive order.

Each stroke requires different positioning, but all of them need you to bend your legs just a bit, which allows easy flow with the entire swing. With a driver, you will be more likely to spread your feet far apart, which gives you a better balance to deliver power. On the fairway, a very similar method is used, which gives you stability on unlevel surfaces. Putting on the other hand, requires you to keep your feet fairly close together and your entire body leaned forward just a bit. Your legs will still be bent, but the stroke mostly requires the movement of your shoulders.