Red apple Inn

The facilities at the Red Apple and Country Club are state of the art and they take off as being the star of any show with their 18 whole golf course championship. The course seems to be challenging for the experiences and the now and again players. In the whole of Arkansas, the Red Apple In whole number two was voted the most scenic of the all. The club presents itself with an old world feel to the structure of the gates as you enter. At the restaurant the décor is done in such a way that it helps to enhance the natural beauty of the course.


The club promises and keeps the promise of providing excellent service from the moment that you enter the course grounds up until the last award is handed to the achiever, they really take care of their customers. The club can offer packages of any event the customer wishes to hold, from a big event to a small group of 12 players, if they do not have a package to suit your needs they are willing to adjust a create one for you. The club continues to keep their tradition of accommodating everybody year of year by having organisations and private groups come play.

The club had their own pro shop to help and provide advice to all the member/players. The shop provides only the best equipment, technology and name brand products to complete your game. The shop even offers private lessons for both the pro golfer who needs advice and the golfer who had just bought his clubs. With this, they also offer areas for putting and chipping to help with your improvement.

The Club

The staff at Red Apple Inn promises to provide only their best help and support when it comes to bookings, cart rentals and registration before each game.

At the Red Apple inn you can go and relax after each game by ending the day at their famous bar and grill. Here you can have a drink, a bite to eat and just sit and take in the natural scenic that surrounds you.

The club also has a wedding venue for both the members and non-members to hire and use. The facilities include beautiful gardens and private dining rooms for the special day. The couple can hire all the need bees for the day like the music, décor and much more. The brie can choose to have the special day indoor or outdoor, each providing their own wonderful photo memory moments.

When it comes to the Red Apple Inn golf and country club, the customers are the main priorities. The club offers multiple membership options to make sure that they suit the needs of many customers. At the moment the Red Apple Inn club offers four types of packages, namely; junior member, single member, couple membership and senior membership. The course is challenging and the clubs staff members are very friendly, this makes taking out a membership out even easier. By just phoning the club you can arrange a private tour of the entire facility.