Perfecting your Drive

Many players would agree that this is one of the most exciting strokes involved with the game. This is the stroke that sends the ball far down the fairway and start your initial game. So as you can imagine, this is one of the most important strokes that can either make or break your game.

Perfecting4The Tee-up

Getting in a few practice strokes is definitely recommended to ensure your posture is perfect and your swing is where you want it. Keep your legs spread with a slight bend in your knees with your feet standing just a bit wider than your shoulders.

The actual swing works like a coil compressing and releasing, which mostly requires your lower back and legs to do all the work. Once you have perfectly lined up your driver with the ball, all the club back into the tightening coil position. With the release your legs and lower back will trust your entire body the other way while your arms remain straight and in line with the ball. Be sure to keep your eye on the ball to ensure perfect contact.

To improve on your drive your body needs to remain in line with the ball. Don’t stand too close, which will force you to stand up straight, but also not too far, which would cause you to lean over too far. Most importantly, you would want to beat constable with each stroke from the point you line up, to the point you strike the ball.

Another highly important point for perfecting the drive would be to line up your club with where you want symbols to go. The face of your club needs to be level with the direction you want to achieve with your drive. Many players find themselves going to the left or right, in which case you might want to consider aiming a tiny bit to the opposite side to counter this effect. Many professionals use this method as no players are perfect with every stroke.


Using professional advice from a trained golfer could be extremely beneficial to the outcome of your game. Not only will the professional be able to assist with the type of driver you use, but for all you know the shaft are used is too short or too long. Professional golf and shops will be able to provide all the staff are information and most are unable to assess your stroke and swing in the shop.

Players will find different sized tees are also available with different distances and holes. Players need to understand how these different lengths to work and how they are beneficial to the specific whole. A higher tee will require the player to change his position in a few small ways as compared to a shorter tee.


This is one of the most important tips, which requires you to focus with every practice shot you do. While practicing, you will find yourself having a few great shots that go exactly where you want them to, with the right speed and distance. Focus is important here as you need to remember your standing point and the way you lined up the ball. Keep this in mind and free practicing to further perfect your own technique and personal game.