Perfecting the Chip

This is quite a tricky stroke that occurs rather often on a golf course. Mostly a wedge is used for this stroke when the ball is no more than 120 yards from the green. With this club, you can achieve various distances, which depends on the amount of power to drive you into your swing.

The club is designed to force the ball into the air and bring you down onto the green, which is why it has a great angle than most other clubs in your bag. Most amateur players would claim that they can use this club up to 170 feet, but actually only be able to drive up to 155 feet.

Perfecting2How to do the Shot

The actual stroke is very similar to that of a driver, which requires you to twist your body, while keeping your shoulders and arms in line. Once the game your lower back and legs will do all the work of putting the power into the stroke. Unlike the drive, you need to manage your power of each stroke as too much power will make the ball go much further than you intend.

Once again, practicing on a driving range will definitely give you great benefit to perfecting this stroke. Be sure to choose a mark on the range and use that as your goal. With your first couple of strokes, you would want to use your standard method and see how that works out. From there make small changes that you think are required to achieve both distance and direction. Be sure to use in each of your changes with a few strokes before ruling it out or making your best method.

Get Assistance

Once you’ve tried a few different techniques and you find yourself for all star that or simply not getting the results you want, be sure to speak to a professional, which can assist you by giving you a pointers and actually assessing your stroke. As with drivers, the wrong which could be used for the shaft could be too short or too long.

In most cases, a small problem or adjustment will make a massive difference to your abilities. Since this is quite a spectacle stroke, even professionals find themselves using various types and a wedge designs to try out. Be sure not to jump to a new club when you do not perfect the technique as there are a many other things that could play a role.

Be sure to contact a professional even if you have to perfect the technique as they will still be able to give you a few small pointers to keeping their technique perfect and even making it more effective. Professional golfers are available at driving ranges as well as golf clubs for a reason, so be sure to take full advantage of the services they provide.

Golf is a very technical game and can be highly frustrating at times, especially if you just can’t seem to get the hang of a certain club or stroke. This reason alone find many beginners and even amateurs quit the game before they have tried receiving professional advice. Be sure to keep practicing and understand that becoming they could Golfer is not something that happens overnight or from just a few practice sessions.