Lion’s Den Golf Club

Granting a wish from his mother, that one day he would own Bay Ridge Golf Club now known as Lion’s Den. John Daley, who learned to play golf here as a kid and back then only being a nine hole golf course, made the decision to buy the golf club, which is now a 18 hole semi –private course on the northwest side of Little Rock. The golf course is about 6,400 yards in total from the back tee box.

Jerry O’Neil who designed the golf course which opened in 1969 and was rated an awesome 3, 9 out of 5 starts was bought by John Daly in 2005. It is with a very sad heart and one of the most difficult decisions that he has ever made, John Daly has made the decision to sell or close the golf club due to financial trouble and this was all in September 18th of 2014.


The course is a par 72. From the forward tees the course measures 5,196 yards. The 12th hole is the longest hole on the course a par 5 that plays to a massive 601 yards from the tee box to the green. The shortest hole and a par 3 that is number 8 is a 120 yards from the back tee to the green. The greens are well maintained and looked after as the machinery that are used are the best in the industry and are swapped out every year as well as maintained. Fact that John Daly himself cut the greens to help the club out, and not knowing what he was doing, cut the green in the wrong direction. Lesson learnt and was quickly rectified, all the greens are a master pieces to play on now, with a good green speed and flow.

Watch out for hole 3, a 573 yard par-5 challenging stroke 1 handicap hole on the course. Most of the reviews for the course explain that as much as it is beautiful, it is even more difficult to play as some of the holes are PGA standards. Don’t let the mounting view and water draw you in and distract you from playing or before you know it, your ball will be as good as gone. The easiest hole is hole 14, a 120 yard from tee box to green a par-3.

Watering lines that where installed throughout the course has made great improvements. Fairways are always green and well maintained. One could easily play 27 to 36 holes and just want to keep playing as it is that good and fun to play. All the Holes are challenging and being accurate helps you plenty. Being a golfer that players a lot and has a good handicap would be beneficial and challenging. If you are a newbie to the golf game it will be a very long day and will cost you a load of strokes, but at the end of the day much greater knowledge will benefit your game. At the club, a pro shop as well as golf lessons available and a restaurant.