Improve Your Overall Game

Learning how to play golf or just understanding how the game works one take you long. There are various rules and regulations that apply to the game once you reach a professional level, which means it’s not something you should concern yourself with in the beginning stages.

The difficult part of the game comes in when you try to increase your abilities within the game and achieve fewer strokes were held. Knowing which clubs to use and to make the ball go exactly where you wanted to could be just some of the things that proves to be challenging with your game.
With this article we will consider advice from various professional golfers and are things they tried to improved their overall game and become better players. Reaching a professional level in golf is not something that comes easily, but with the right practice and dedication you are definitely on the right track.

Improve2Improving your drive

To get the perfect drive down a fairway every time will take a lot of practice and focus. Since this is one of the most important strokes, which gives you distance and brings you closer to the green from the tee off point.

While practicing, you would need to focus on every small adjustment you make, the way you stand and line up the ball. One of these small adjustments could be the difference between a good game and a great game.

There is a reason driving ranges are available all over the world as players can go there and practice their drive and perfect every part of their technique. Many beginners make the mistake of thinking the power of a drive comes from your shoulders and upper body strength, but actually to perfect the stroke, you need to line up your feet and allow your body to coil up and release by using your lower back and legs. This allows you to keep you straight and your shoulders on points, which will ensure the club remains in line with the ball.

Chip shots

Becoming a professional player will definitely require you to practice chip shots on a regular basis. These types of slots can get you out of all types of sticky situations and help you get on the green from just about any terrain. The most common club used for a chip shot is a wedge as it drives the ball up into the air while giving the player quite a lot of control.

To get a proper handle on this control, you would need to practice on a regular basis and try various techniques that work for you. As with a driver, a chip shot is all about speed, lining up properly and using your legs and lower body to complete the swing.


Putting is a game all its own, which requires players to be aware of various aspects of each hole. Many professional players have found themselves having the perfect round and then messing everything up once they have reached the green.

The grass itself players a massive role according to professional golfers as the direction of the grass could make the ball flow he a certain direction or require the player to hit harder or softer to complete the hole.

Obviously, the level of the ground also has a great impact on your success, which makes it another vital points to be aware of before attempting your shot.

Practicing is highly important when it comes to putting, but be sure to practice on a surface that consists of various levels as those you would find at a golf course. Driving ranges usually provide these types of greens that allow you to practice different techniques and methods.