Golf History

The state of for Arkansas plays quite a bigger role in American golf history. There are various tournaments, which includes amateur as well as professional tournaments that are played on the legendary golf courses this state provides. Rich history forms part of many different golf courses in this region, which is just an some of the reason golf has become so popular within Arkansas.

History2Where it all began

In the 15th century the game of golf was first played and in Eastern Scotland from which a massive sport was born and various clubs came into existence. The Saint Andrews society of golfers began in 1754, who were responsible for the construction of the first 18 hole golf course. As many of you would know, this remains a standard golf course size even today. The club are also formed the first woman golfers club in 1895.

In the 19th century, golf grew much faster than expected. By 1786 the sport reached America who created the first golf course in 1786. The course was created in New York and developed by Scotsman John Reid. The course or only consisted of three holes, but was responsible for various championships, which includes the American amateur championship. In the 1890’s the club was responsible for forming the first amateur championship in America.

Professional golf history

Professional golfers, consisting of players who receive money from endorsements or by challenging other players for prize money only became popular in the early 20th century, which is where the PGA (Professional Golfers Association) was first formed in 1916. This organization was responsible for rating the difficulty of courses as well as players. The PGA was also responsible for selecting professional players to play in different tournaments and who was allowed. During this time, the organisation only allowed white players to join any professional tours until 1961. In the meantime, a black golfers organisation formed in 1928 in Massachusetts.

Arkansas golf history

By 1915, the state already consisted of various golf courses and clubs. It was during this time that various delegates from clubs in the state formed the first Arkansas State Golf Association. These members included J.E. England who was the club’s first president along with Dr. W.O. Forbes from the Hot Springs club who served as the vice president of the organisation.

The club grew at an incredible rate, which consisted of 140 member clubs along with over 14,000 individual members. The club also consists of a hall of fame, which presents all their most professional players. They created various championships that allowed all players ranging from armature right through to professional to take part.

In 1924 the state also created a women’s association, which allowed them to take part in various championships and also be rated on a professional level among other women.

With this information is easy to see why the state remains so popular among golfers from around the world. They definitely made a mark in history and were responsible for various championships and events that are still recognised today. Since then, the state has created many more golf courses, which are visited on a regular basis by professional players as well as amateurs.