Get Better at Putting

After having the perfect tee off and quite a good round on the fairway, the last thing you want to do is make big mistakes on the green. Even small mistakes cost you a number of strokes, which increases your score for the entire game. The small mistakes can be highly frustrating and mostly occur when players don’t pay attention to each and every aspect the specific green has to offer.

I’m sure many of you have seen those players that actually get down on the ground and look at the distance between the ball and a whole. This is actually quite common as it is the easiest way to see how the ground flows and how level it is.

Putting2The Ground

Important things to look for on the ground between your ball and a whole, includes the direction of the grass as your ball will be more likely to follow or curved or for to the side at which the grass is growing. Many golf professionals have mentioned that the grass is most likely to flow in the same direction as the sun or towards a nearby river or water pond. It’s quite easy to see the direction, but players need to look at the grass and try to spot a light side and dark side. The light side indicates the grass growing away from you and the dark side obviously the opposite.

The next important part of looking at the ground is seeing how level it is all the way through to the hole. The first thing you need to focus on is the level of the actual round, which excludes any small hills. Once you determine that it is off to other side always simply straight, you would need to have a look for these hills or other factors that could change the direction of your ball.

Remember putting is down at a very slow pace, which makes it very easy for the ball to change direction in case of a curve. The way to counter these curves is to head the ball more towards the curves side, which will allow your ball to still end up in the same position as it would when hitting on a flat ground. The only way to perfect the technique is worth a lot of practice that offers various hills. Keep in mind that this will be very frustrating at the beginning, but with every shot you are sure to learn.

The Stroke

I’ve seen many players simply walk up to the ball lying on the green, standing over it and taking a shot. Sure, in many cases this has been successful, but to be more confident that the strike will be successful, there are a few things you need to take into consideration.

Firstly, visit a golf shop, which can provide professional advice on various aspects of your height and swing. These professionals will be able to recommend certain putters as well as shaft lengths that could change your game.

Once you are confident that you have the correct putter, you will need to perfect the way you stay. This stroke requires the action of your upper body, which twists to complete the shop. Keep your feet fairly close together and make sure the base of the other is level with the direction you want the ball to travel in.