Choosing the Right Ball

There are many beginners around the world that are not aware that different ball types are available. In most cases, the cheaper balls are usually harder and some more expensive balls are a bit softer. However, does this make a huge difference?

There have been many people that have tested the affects of these balls and how they can change your game. For players who are just beginning, the ball type one make much of a difference to the results of your game. This is because players are first required to simply learn how to swim properly and get used to the different clubs provided.

In this article, we will discuss some of the differences between a hard and soft fall as well as a cheap make compared to a well-known more expensive make. As I’m sure all if you are aware, there are a many ball brands out there that promise their own unique benefits to your game. However, at the end of the day he would need to practice with the different ball types and makes before you can say, which one is perfect for you. In most cases, this test one take long as it’s more about how hard or soft you prefer the ball to be.

Choosing3Differences with Drivers

In various tests that have been done with a soft and hard ball when using a driver, the participants found that the softball is preferred for various reasons. These reasons include the feel when the ball is struck by the club. 90% of participants say that not as much shock is transferred to your hands, which makes the stroke much more constable and allows you to focus on where the ball is going.

Participants also found that more spins can be delivered from a softball, which could mean the difference between a fair round and a brilliant round. Players use spin to counter the movement of the ball once it hits the ground. This type of play requires you to keep the ball in the air until it reaches the target spot. The backward spin also allows you to gain more distance and precision with every stroke.


Many results from the driver are carried over to the wedge as the strokes are very similar. Once again, great spinning velocity is found with the softball. Players also found that the softball is more comfortable when hit and delivers much greater accuracy.

The sound between a softball and hardball is actually quite noticeable. If you bounce the ball on your club, you will feel the difference instantly as less shock is transferred to your hands with the soft fall. In no way does this mean the hard ball is not worth using, but it simply means in most cases it will benefit your game if you are the type of player who uses backward spin to your advantage.


The hardness of a ball will not make a major difference when putting as the ball is not struck with a great amount of velocity. However, professionals have said that the softer ball once again feels better and sounds different to a hardball. They have also included that practicing with a softball will deliver much greater results and accuracy with every stroke.