Buyers Guide

Buying your first set of golf clubs or simply buying a better set could be quite confusing as there are so many options from all the different designers. A lot of technology goes into each of these clubs, which makes them perform better in various ways. Finding out the best set of clubs for yourself could be very challenging as you would need to find out what your requirements are first of all.

Shopping with a professional golfer could add some benefits, but your best bet would be someone who works with the actual clubs and knows exactly what sets them apart. This is a buyer’s guide for golf clubs and was the most important things are to consider with every club.

Buyers2Step One

As we all know, the first club than everyone wants to buy is the driver. It’s usually the best looking club and obviously the most powerful. A standard driver shaft is 45 inches and sometimes even longer. Many golf as think a longer shaft is better, but actually a shorter shaft gives you a lot more control and allows you to hit the ball bet centre every time. Professional golfers from the PGA tour actually use a shaft consisting of just 44.5 inches.

If you find us are having a problem with slicing, you might want to consider getting a driver with a closed face instead of are open. This will decrease the amount you slice, which means much greater accuracy.

Step Two

Most professional golfers carry various woods, which includes a three, five and a seven. There is a good reason for this as most golfers would find a word is easier to handle and actually drives the wall further than a driver. Even though this is not supposed to happen, in most cases it simply does. So before you buy that all expensive driver, many consider buying a three, five and seven wood.

Step Three

Manufacturers have been lowering the loft of the three and four irons so they can use this as a marketing tool and state that their clubs makes the ball go further. The difference between a three and four iron is actually not that much anymore, which makes them rather useless to start with. A good idea would be to replace these with hydrants that give you the same results.

Be careful not to buy a hybrid that hits the ball further than the club you are replacing it worth. Try to get to the same distance with the hybrid before replacing at with any of your irons. Also ensure that you higher bet consists of similar shaft lengths as this will allow you to gain the same accuracy and control.

Step Four

If you are buying your first expensive set, be sure to look at custom clubs. This means that clubs are developed specifically to your needs such as height, weight and angle. Getting your hands on a set of custom clubs is actually not that much more than a regular expensive set. You will however be required to visit a shop that provides these options.

The shops usually have a full range of different shafts, heads, groups and many other accessories that allow you to custom build your own range of clubs. Obviously, this range can be quite expensive, especially when you start looking at specialized equipment.