Why Arkansas Golf is Popular

Each and every golf course or around the world has its own characteristics and benefits, which suits some players, but not so much with the others. Golf courses are designed to test your skills and your knowledge with every club in your bag. This makes had a game that becomes highly competitive among you and your friends and even on a professional level.

Finding the perfect course could take some time and research, while requiring you to actually visit these courses and finding the one that you enjoyed most. However, finding just one course and becoming really good on the specific course doesn’t make you a great golfer. To become a great golfer you would need to visit various golf courses and find yourself in positions that are difficult to come out of. This is one of the greatest benefits of being a goal for around Arkansas as the area provides an incredible range of golf courses. There are also many other benefits that could improve your game, while ensuring an enjoyable round each time.

WhyArkansas2The Courses

As mentioned above, each and every course had its own dynamics and requirements. Arkansas is home to over 20 golf courses, which features different fairways, distances and definitely require you to plan each and every stroke.

Most of the courses offer 18 holes, but golfers will also find a few courses featuring only 9 holes. Various par amounts will allow you to challenge yourself as well as those playing with you.
Each of the courses in the area have been rated by the Arkansas State Golf Association, which has been licensed by the United States golf association, allowing them to great golf courses on a professional level. There are various ways to determine the difficulty of each course, but in this case they mostly used the slope scoring. This rating ranges between 55 and 155, which consists of how difficult the courses for a scratch player.

The area is home to some of the most difficult courses with the highest rating of 148. This rating is from the well known course Blessing Golf Club, which can be found in Johnson. This is a very high end and exclusive golf course, which is owned by Tyson Foods Inc. The rating is sure to followed by Lost Spring Golf and Athletic Club, which is situated in Rogers. This course holds a rating of 143 as well as 142, which are still considered and rather difficult and tricky course to ensure each and every ability you have will be needed.

An average slope rating consists of 113, which is much lower than the two courses mentioned above. The area is home to some easier holes as well, which allows every player to find the perfect game and start on their own level. However, it’s good to know that various golf opportunities are available to each player who visits the area and has a keen interest for golf.

As you can imagine, there are many other attractions to the area, which includes some very popular casinos, accommodation on golf courses and some incredible views along the creek where most of the golf courses are situated. Golfers will be able to take a walk through golfers heaven, while testing every ability and skill they have.