Golf Apps

Since the development of smart phones, and have been developed for every possible need out there. This includes various applications in the sport world as well as golf. Many of you might wonder what a smart phone could possibly do for your golfing experience, evidently there is actually quite a wide range of helpful services that some of these applications can provide.

Unfortunately, when you go into your applications store with your mobile device and typing golf, you are more likely to find a whole lot of golf games that can be played on the device. Your search needs to be more specific or even include one of the following names if you know exactly what you are looking for.

The apps mentioned below do not appear in any order, but simply caught our eye as applications that are a must have no matter what your skill level or location years.

Golf2Pro To Go

Pro To Go even at that will give you the most amazing feedback from the actual professionals. This is one of the most impressive applications we have seen, which can give you a real benefit in the beginning stages of your game.

The application requires you to record your swing from the back as well as the side. You will then upload the video to the application, which will be sent to a professional golfer. The golfer will then break down your video and view it frame by frame, which is also the format you will receive it back in.

The video will be returned to you within 24 hours, which will include key details about certain aspects of your swing. The professional will also include ways to improve and different things to try.

The application is free to download and when players are ready to get some advice, lesson plans begin from a low $39.00.

Golf Shot

This app will pocket a completely different parts of your game, but still offers incredible benefit and insightful information about the course you are playing on. The application uses Google maps to obtain a clear image of over 38,000 golf courses worldwide. Once you reach the course, you will be able to use the app and measure various distances and look for sand pits and water along the fairway.

The most impressive part about the application, is that players have the ability to select any part of the fairway by clicking on it and then measuring the distance between two points. This means you can stand on the tee off area and get an exact distance to the green. The application also helps plan your game in various strokes are required. Players can expect to pay a once off fee of $29.99.

Golf rules quick reference

This is the application that all of us could have used many times on the golf course. This application is useful whether you are in a dispute with friends at the course or simply learning the rules of golf.

The application is interactive and allows you to ask questions in which it will find answers and provide them to you within seconds. On top of it all, the app is completely free, which gives you no reason not to take full advantage.