About Arkansas Golf

There are many different reasons to take a trip to Arkansas. There are some beautiful sights, a wonderful range of casinos, various top quality restaurants and hotels. One of the biggest reasons people visit the area is for the full range of golf courses they provide. Each of the courses challenge you in different ways while players have the ability to take in the beauty and enjoy the perfect weather throughout most of the year.

The Courses


Some of the courses feature incredible difficulties with a slope rating up to 148, considering that the highest rating in the world is 155, but in no way does this mean that beginner players are not welcome. The area offers so many different courses featuring both 18 and 9 holes with various ratings.

There are over 20 different courses and clubs to benefit from, which challenges you on a different level, but also give you a better edge each time you play. Each course has been designed to give players different playing tactics and challenge each other on those ideas. Some of the holes feature so many different strategy options that you might just find yourself having a lower score than some professional players on the specific whole.

Either way, players are in for a memorable golfing experience with each hole played. Most of the club’s offer many other activities that could draw interest to return to the same club more than once.


There are many different professionals that were created in the state of Arkansas. This is because the state creates various organisations and championships, which challenged both professional and amateur players on various levels. A women’s golf association was created in the early 20th century, which also store numerous female professional golfers rise to an international level.

With the PGA been created in America are in the early 1900’s the whole of America and various opportunities to become internationally recognised players. Unfortunately, black players were only accepted into the association after 1961, but actually created an association of their own in 1928.

With all the different golf clubs and courses that were created in the early 1900’s, the state became popular on an international level for its challenging courses and rich history. To this day, the golf courses in the state remain very popular and in demand for amateur and professional players. In 1956 the state has its first internationally recognised tournaments, which is known as the LPGA tour. The event took place at the popular country club, Hot Springs, which features an 18 hole range.

The LPGA tournament features some of the best female professional golfers from around the world as the organisation is currently available in six countries worldwide. The LPGA forms a rather big part of the standard PGA tour and also takes place in various countries around the world. These events and championships that the organization provides, includes incredible prize money with over $41 million in official prizes in 2010.

There are many other aspects that makes the state of Arkansas highly desirable for golfers around the world. The courses offered change you on various levels while players have the ability to enjoy some breathtaking sights and play on some of the most challenging courses in the world. With all the championships held in the state, it’s the perfect place for an amateur golfer to build his way up to a professional level.