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Welcome to tlga.org,

With such a full range of different courses, players will find themselves returning to the area multiple times. There are over 20 different courses to choose from, which mostly feature 18 holes. This means it would take you quite a while to get a good rating on each of the courses in the area.

All player types are welcome as each course has various difficulties and par. Be sure to bring your entire golf bag as some challenging decisions are sure to present themselves on a regular basis.

The state is also home to some highly impressive events, which formed with golf since the early 1900’s. This means the state benefited from various championships and events that were created by PGA. There are also many events that the state came up with themselves, which were created by local golf club owners.

The Courses

Those of you who has visited the states before all know how perfect the weather is as most of the year for a great golf game as well as the beautiful sights that can be seen from just about any one of the tee off areas. Each of the clubs and courses feature different parts of the state, which all comes together to create an unforgettable golf experience. Moving from one course to the next makes you feel like you are in a different country as different sites and beauty is presented for your pleasure.

Some of the most difficult courses can be expected in the state with a rating up to 148 out of 155. This is a slope rate, which determines the difficulty. There are also many other courses that beginners and even amateurs will enjoy.

Each of the courses feature fairways ranging various distances, allowing you to take full advantage of your entire golf bag and pushing your skills to the ultimate level.

Learning to Play

With so many golf courses, beginners and amateurs can expect a whole range of experts in the area. These experts can be found at almost every single club, offering different advice and techniques to better your game. There are also many different golf shops that can give you expert advice on choosing the right club for your requirements, height and swing.

Arkansas is one of the best American states to play golf if you are interested in reaching a professional level. Since there are so many different courses, you can expect to find yourself in just about every possible scenario the game has to offer. This means playing on a regular basis will allow you to learn and expand your mileage much faster than someone trying to learn all the tricks by playing on one or two courses.

There are also many other reasons gold players would find benefits in the states to improve their game and play on a number of internationally recognized courses. If you ever have the opportunity, be sure to book a vacation for at least a few weeks so you can travel to all the various courses and find out just how advanced your game is.